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tv   [untitled]    December 8, 2010 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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if the authority decides, reasonable or not, it is not satisfied with that plan, the can simply say they do not approve it.t>> in the event thae authority unreasonably withheld its consent to any of the plants, the city could seek to mediate in that dispute and then look for me binding arbitration.
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we don't have any more money to provide additional officers and additional overtime. the authority, by refusing to -- the approval, can go beyond what the general fund might possibly provide for. this is subject to the authority. is that correct?
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>> this is in the window where the review is to be conducted and before any of the events occur. the city could avail itself of the mediation arbitration. >> in other words, if we pass a budget that did not provide the level of funding that was required by the authority, the way that that usually works.
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>> if your question is whether or not hypothetically the security plan might require the resources, the answer is yes, it could. >> thank you. that is the concern. i appreciate that. the potential impact that this could have is an aide channel ready is stretched. i have concerns about that and i
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think that language that leaves it up to the authority is language that does not provide sufficient protection for the city. if that goal is to have a safe security -- to then the security should require reasonable efforts to provide security. that should be sufficient but the way it is written right now, i would say that this creates a situation unlike anything we have seen in terms of the burden that this could pose on the general fund. >> there is a couple of additional points i would like to make which is implicit in any contract. there is a requirement.
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>> that is only able to be enforced if you go to court and that is a challenge here. >> am i hearing a request to the city attorney's office that there be some effort in order to seek alternative.
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>> thank you. >> how do we now know -- how do we not know, there's a lot of doubt about what the cost could be. >> that is one of the concerns that i have. what i would say is that if anyone can come up with the language to protect the city, that he would and the city attorney would, is a matter of the negotiating team making clear that that is what the city wants. the lawyer can only do what the
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client is asking. we need to ask the larger question about whether or not there are similar provisions that kids have the same impact. -- that could have the same impact. >> i have never -- i have no further comments. colleagues, i believe that we can recess this hearing. the conversation will be continued, this is an important one. >> will lead to what needs to be done procedurally? >> this will be a committee report.
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>> others have asked good questions. that it's been known that we have a little bit more work to do bad. the city family will need to pull together and really marshal some strong answers. >> absolutely. >> i believe that concludes this portion of the hearing. >> this item will be recessed until 1:00 in the afternoon next monday. >> we have a child care issue
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and and i'm wondering if it is possible to recess the remainder of the items. monday as well. >> yes, it is. we will beat recessing item number 12, and we will also be recessing the conference and for the city attorney for number 16. >> do we have public comment on the is before recessing? >> we can take public comment on monday. >> very good. >> there are no further items, we are adjourned.
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>> if you are interested in our local city government and would like to work with 18 other enthusiastic citizens committed to improving its operations, i encoura
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>> the san francisco ethnic dance festival is one of the jewels on san francisco sculptural crowns. this is in its 32nd year of showcasing the celebrated dance troupes. this year will be one of the past with four new works representing kondo, afghanistan, china, mexico. -- congo, afghanistan, china, mexico.
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more than a hundred 30 ensembles and soloists auditioned in january for a slot in the ethnic dance festival. in the end, 37 companies were selected to perform. 26 of those performances are world premieres. >> each year, we assembled a panel of dance experts that is made up of academics, scholars, researchers. people have been working for decades in the field. many of them came to this country in the seventies and have trained the next generation of dancers. they are proud to see many of these students at the these masterful levels. this was one of the best panel''
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we have ever had, extraordinary people. at the end of the process, they rank their top groups which are then merged into a master list. >> performers are judged on stage presence, costumes, and innovation. >> the four programs are created around an exciting and dynamic range so the soloists and groups selected each weekend will have enough dynamic range to be a society overall to are experience. >> hundreds of dancers from different countries need each other, compare stuff, and make new friends. this has resulted in new cross- cultural collaborations'. >> one of the extraordinary
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things is that it really only happens here in the san francisco bay area. all of the dancers that we are presented -- presenting are from the area. they have full-time jobs and they spend their weekends nurturing their passion to sustain these extraordinary dance forms from around the world. the audience cannot help but be inspired. >> this year, the festival will feature a special collaboration that celebrates the mexican bicentennial and commemorates the 100th anniversary of the mexican revolution. >> one of the great area biographers has stepped out of that role and we asked them to create a special work working with 6 x ordinary dance companies that we have assembled
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dancers from all of these companies to present a united work in celebration of the bicentennial. >> dancers from over 20 countries are staunch cultures are participating. >> one of the things that is inspiring is how many are being invited back to their home countries as cultural ambassadors from the u.s.. we are teaching them in committees so that the next generation here in america and back to india or bali or whatever will be able to get enriched by these very beautiful art forms. >> thank you for watching "culture wire." and you can find more information
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>> welcome to "culture wire." i'm your host meg. for years, free jazz concerts have been providing entertainment in downtown san francisco. people pay local musicians to perform for lunchtime crowds. the goal is not just entertainth. people in plazas are trying to create neighborhoods. what began as a forum for performers who were paid by passing the hat has become a program that provides wide exposure and more than 500 paid gigs annually for local musicians. from july through september, people in plazas produces almost 300 free performances in the
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lunchtime hour. the mission of people in plazas generates social congregation. and by having these events, we encourage people to make these plazas everybody's neighborhood. >> recently, the san francisco arts commission was awarded a $ 250,000 grant for the national endowment for the arts. to establish an arts district in the central market corridor between fifth and 10th street. throughout the yearing the arts commission will partner with people in plazas to activate the sidewalks along this stretch with art installation, opening events, live music, and new arts and antique markets at u.n. plaza. >> this area has been sleighted for many years, at least the past 25 years. i think that this redevelopment
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project and the n.e.a. grant are very positive signs that we have political will and a lot of momentum to really make the mid market area what it could be, which is a vibrant area where everybody is welcome and it's a place to be in san francisco. >> to get a feel for the future of the central market arts and culture district, be sure to catch out an upcoming concert. for locations and times, visit to learn more about the central market revitalization initiative, visit thank you for watching "culture wire." >> the san francisco arts
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commission's public arts program made a big splash in the civic center with the world premiere of three heads, six arms. the artist came from shanghai to help us celebrate the unavailing. we had a chance to speak with him about his work. >> the san francisco arts commission is pleased to be celebrating their relationship between san high and san francisco. the shanghai and san francisco. this is a 30 relationship that stretches back to win dianne feinstein was the mayor of san
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francisco. we premiered a new work of art here in san francisco called the three heads, six arms. welcome to san francisco. thank you for bringing your extraordinary sculpture. can you tell me about what inspired you to create this sculpture? >> this started with some trips that i took years ago. i went to to bed and i saw a lot of statues and i started to really feel the spiritual life of people in tibet. it really inspires me and i went back to shanghai and i started the creation of this.
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>> we see that one of the heads of the bullet it is your face. can you talk about the significance of that? -- we see that one of the heads of the buddha is your face. >> i started doing public art almost 10 years ago. what i want to express this as an extension of my our practice. this is an accumulation of my own experience as a performance artist. >> we see that the scale is very important.
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we have seen other works where a limb of this culture is on the floor but everything is very big and large scale. what are you trying to accomplish with expanding the scale of these images to such a great size. >> i wanted to make large scale art and see how this plays a role in contemporary society. i think that is the mission of contemporary art, to serve as a social critique. >> when the mayor knew some -- when mayor newsom join you in
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dedicating this, they wanted to find a work that was big and bold. he was so pleased with your participation that he made you an honoraria citizens of san francisco for the next 18 months. the public reaction has been very positive. what is your reaction of how people receive your sculpture? >> i think that san francisco has a long history. this gigantic sculpture is in front of the civic center. i know that that is not the kind of a go with whole environment.
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there is an exchange with the american culture and the asian culture which has created this very strong power. this power was created by east meets west may be is exactly what our mayor or the public wants. they will start to be curious and wonder how this is here and how we look at the asian culture. >> you have lived internationally, you have lived in cities like new york and beijing, now shanghai. you made a very conscious decision to lend this culture to san francisco as opposed to having it premier as an exhibition at another museum.
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>> i am very satisfied with the turnout and i lived in new york for 8 years and all of my children were born in new york. i already have the american spirit. i am proud to be here and i really appreciate the spirit of committing to things and being honored and being collaborative. when i flashed back to my career, i think about what an artist can do is a teeny tiny thing. i want to contribute to the hall human society. what art can do is just this tiny bit. >> your invitation has already proven to be a great success and we really look forward to spending time with your
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sculpture. thank you for being part of "culture wire." >> thank you for being part of this project. >> thank you for watching. join us for future episodes. you can


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